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    最快乐的事作文|最快乐的事 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-09-19 13:16编辑:佚名阅读(

      今天,我看了一篇文章《什么是最快乐的事》。小青蛙吃害虫最快乐,老牛耕地最快乐,小瓢虫在叶子上吃蚜虫最快乐,小蜜蜂采蜜最快乐,小猫吃老鼠最快乐,小狗看家最快乐。我认为帮爸爸妈妈做家务,帮老师抱作业快乐的我作文,帮助同学学习,给残疾人提供方便最快乐。帮助别人初中作文快乐的我作文,我快乐,别人也快乐。Today, I read an article "what is the happiest thing". Little frogs are the happiest to eat pests, old cattle are the happiest to cultivate land, little ladybug is the happiest to eat aphids on leaves, little bees are the happiest to gather honey, little cats are the happiest to eat mice, and little dogs are the happiest to watch home. I think it\s the happiest to help parents with housework, teachers with homework, classmates with study and disabled people. Help others, I am happy, others are happy
      我真的很棒作文 考试作文 快乐的我作文
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