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    快乐的三八节作文|快乐的三八节 英语作文

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      今天是三八妇女节。早上醒来一睁开眼,我就在想今天是妈妈的节日,我该为她做点什么呢?我想啊想,最后决定送妈妈一件可爱的小礼物。Today is women\s day. When I wake up in the morning and open my eyes, I think it\s my mother\s day. What can I do for her? I thought and thought, and finally decided to give my mother a lovely little gift.想起去年妈妈生日的时候描写冬天的作文,我送她一个蓝色的头花描写冬天的作文,她却不喜欢描写冬天的作文,她说那是小孩子的东西,不适合她。所以这次我决定送他一个实用的桃红色的小娃娃挂件,希望妈妈会喜欢。When I think of my mother\s birthday last year, I gave her a blue flower, but she didn\t like it. She said it was a child\s thing, not suitable for her. So this time I decided to send him a practical peach red baby pendant. I hope my mother will like it.吃过午饭小学作文,我把小娃娃放到妈妈手中,对妈妈说:妈妈您幸苦了,今天让我来帮您洗碗吧?”妈妈笑着摸摸我的头,说:你真的长大了,也懂事了,我非常喜欢你的礼物。”After lunch, I put the baby in my mother\s hands and said to her, "Mom, you\re so lucky. Let me help you with the dishes today?" My mother touched my head with a smile and said, "you are really grown up and sensible. I like your gift very much."我也开心的笑了。I also smile happily
      作文中秋节 考研英语小作文 描写冬天的作文
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