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    爆米花作文|爆米花 英语作文

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      作文课上,张老师带来一袋爆米花小学作文大全,刚放在讲台上分类作文,就有一股焦香味扑面而来,急得我口水都快流出来了。In the composition class, Mr. Zhang brought a bag of popcorn. As soon as he put it on the platform, there was a smell of scorching on my face, which made my mouth water quickly.它们的形状可神奇了,有的大有的小。有的圆鼓鼓的,有的扁扁的。有的全炸开了,像玫瑰花一样。有的还没炸开,像个小球。Their shapes are amazing, some big and some small. Some are round and some are flat. Some of them burst like roses. Some haven\t exploded yet, like a little ball.这袋爆米花有的白,有的黄,有的黄白相间,有的还夹杂着一点深棕色小学作文大全,摸上去很扎手。This bag of popcorn has some white, some yellow, some yellow and white, and some are mixed with a little dark brown. It feels very strong.拿一个放在嘴里,咔嚓”一声就把它给咬碎了,嚼两下,先是一丝甜味小学作文大全,然后越嚼越甜,再嚼就粘在了牙上,焦香味直往吼咙里钻,真好吃。Take one and put it in your mouth, "kazam" will crush it, chew twice, first a little sweet, then the more you chew, the sweeter you chew, and then stick it on your teeth. It\s so delicious that it\s burnt and fragrant and goe
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