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    夸家乡作文|夸家乡 英语作文

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      朋友小学作文,你到过我的家乡焦作吗?Friend, have you ever been to my hometown Jiaozuo?焦作风光秀丽,有景色迷人的云台山、青龙峡;有假日休闲好地方龙源湖公园,还有能够帮助我们学习历史的影视城。Jiaozuo has beautiful scenery, such as Yuntai Mountain and Qinglong gorge, Longyuan Lake Park, which is a good place for holiday and leisure, and film and television city which can help us learn history.焦作人杰地灵,我们课本上讲到的聪明的韩愈就出生在这里。我们的太极功夫吸引了很多外国朋友前来学习。Jiaozuo is an outstanding person, and Han Yu, the intelligent one mentioned in our textbook, was born here. Our Taiji Kung Fu attracts many foreign friends to study.焦作还有很多特产和小吃,有四大怀药、松花蛋、油茶等朋友作文,到了秋朋友作文,还有漫山遍野的山楂和灯笼似的柿子。如果你们来到这里,热情好客的我一定管你们吃个够。Jiaozuo also has many specialties and snacks, including four Huaiyao, Songhua eggs and oil tea. In autumn, there are also hawthorn and lantern like persimmon. If you come here, I will take care of your hospitality.来吧,朋友们,来到我美丽的家乡吧,欢迎你们!Come, friends, come to my beautiful hometown, welcome!
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