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    遇到难题想办法作文|遇到难题想办法 英语作文

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      一个星期三的下午,我在姥姥家写数学作业时遇到一道数学难题,题的要求是:有一根8米长的绳子,对折再折后高中作文题目大全,每折一段几米?这道题可真是把我难住了呀!One Wednesday afternoon, when I was doing my math homework at Grandma\s house, I met a math problem. The requirement of the problem is: there is an 8-meter-long rope. After folding it in half and then again, how many meters for each section? This question really baffles me!我想了一会,忽然想起数学老师上课时给我们说的话,遇到求线段的题,可以亲自去实践一下,于是我就找了一张纸,裁下一条,把这张纸当成一条8米长的绳子高中作文题目大全,按照题的要求对折再对折,我打开一看用8除以4=2米,答案是:每折一段2米,这道题终于被我解决了,我非常高兴。After thinking for a while, I suddenly remembered what the math teacher said to us in class. When I met the problem of finding line segments, I could practice it in person. So I found a piece of paper, cut a piece of paper, and took the paper as an 8-meter-long rope. According to the requirements of the problem, I folded it in half and then folded it in half. I opened it and saw that I divided 8 by 4 = 2 meters. The answer was: I finally solved this problem when I folded a section of 2 meters, I am very happy.我觉得有些难题高中作文,只要你勇于实践,肯动脑筋高中作文题目大全,就算最难的题,也会被你解开。I think some difficult problems, as long as you are brave in practice and willing to use your brain, even the most difficult problems will be solved by y
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