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      Thephenomenon of keeping pets is nothing strange nowadays. And when it comes tothe topic if it’s good for people to keep pets people have different kinds ofopinions.


      Somepeople assume that it’s good to keep pets in the house especially for theolds. The pets can keep them company as well as make them feel safe. As forkids keeping pets around them makes them more caring and more compassionate whichis quite a good way for young parents to educate their children. Moreover petscan also look after the house and when there’s no one at home.


      Howeverothers argue that keeping pets is not good. In their opinion keeping pets isnot healthy since pets may have some viruses with them which you don’t evenknow. What’s more pets’ defecating indiscriminately makes cities dirty. Caringthe pets with you when taking public transport like buses is not so convenientbecause other people might have a pet allergy.


      Asfar as I am concerned it depends on the situation if it’s good to keep a pet ornot. But no matter what if one keeps pets he or she should treat them in theright way. For instance washing pets regularly to keep them clean and it’sbetter don’t carry a pet with you when taking public transport.



      Some people like keeping pets while some people think we should stop keeping pets but I think we shouldn’t stop keeping pets because pets are our good friends. For example a strong dog can keep your house safe all the time and a lovely cat or rabbit can make you happy all the time. You will have fun when you play with them and look after them. When you feel sad you can play with your pets and this will give you a good mood. But not all pets are good. Some dangerous and wild animals such as snakes wolves tigers may be harmful to you. Sometimes pets will damage the enviroment because they always make dirty things. But on the whole I think pets are friendly to people and we shouldn’t stop keeping pets.


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